Friday, July 21, 2006

Can you dance my dreams?

This song is from the movie "First Daughter". I like the lyrics. Lets follow are dreams and what we want. We should not fight what is best for us.

Dance My Dreams

Spinning, twirling, flying away
Memories guide me from yesterday
Time will reveal my destiny
So why should I fight
What's right for me?

I'll live, I'll breathe
I'll dance my dreams

Hold me, kiss me
Look through my eyes
Know me, oh feel me
No more disguise
So why should I fight
What's planned for me?

Take my hand
Dance in my world
As I live, I breathe
I dance my dreams
Tomorrow will be mine
Today is ours
I will never let go
Until time unwinds
Today I have just arrived

anyway, what are my dreams?:
---to have my own carreer, maybe a professional chef someday.
---to have my own house in the Philippines and here in US, before my 30s.
---to have my own family before my 30s.
---to travel the whole world.


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