Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sosyal Tayo Eh!

here are the correct pronounciation of branded names:
CLARINS - kla-rans
BEBE - bi-bi
MEXX - meks
CLINIQUE - kli-nik
CARTIER - kar-ti-yey
GUY LAROCHE- gi-larosh
TAg HEUER - tag ho-yer
GIRBAUD - jeer-bow
VESACE - Ver-sah-cheh
MARITHE & FRANCOIS GIRBAUD - Ma-ree-tehy Fran-swa Jer-bow
LOUIS VUITTON - Lu-wee Vee-towh
HERMES - Eeyer-mes
ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA - Erme-ne-ildo Zenya
GIVENCHY - ji-vang-shi
YVES SAINT LAURENT - eeves san (a's intonation going down) lauran (last a's pronounced with mouth doing an "o" sound) - Ralph Lauren - Ralph Lauren (coz some people pronounce it as "lauran")
DOLCE & GABBANA - Dol-tshe & Gabbana
CHRISTIAN DIOR - krestyaa┬┤ de-or
ESPRIT - es-pree
J'ADORE - zshador
ROLEX - lolek


At 3:07 PM, Blogger drey said...

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At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girbaud is actually pronounce

Jar-bow is the pronunciation made by non-french speakers


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