Thursday, October 26, 2006

Finding Omen?

is disney's finding nemo has something to do with the 1976 satanic movie, the omen? is it the sixth sequel of this movie about the demon child that wants to rule the earth and spread his powers? well, i'm always watching my finding nemo dvd because thats only way to please my 1 year old niece when she's having tantrums. i came across this observation, because, try to read N-E-M-O in backwards, what will you get, O-M-E-N. the omen is a movie about a small five years old boy who is actually the demon's son. and finding nemo is a movie for kids that is so famous now. small boys and girls and even adults just love him.

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well, just my wild imagination..or i mean, my wild observation!


At 9:30 PM, Blogger garytarugo said...

interesting theory. but i think nemo was actually named after captain nemo. :)


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